The Arrest of Joseph Bismark – Japa das

The arrest of Joseph Bismark on charges of fraud is not recent, but it is an important clue for those who “follow the money” in the Chris Butler cult, Science of Identity Foundation. Current cult members might like to know that their supreme leaders are corrupt, dishonest, and manipulative. Bismark was no doubt guilty of fraudulent operation of a pyramid scheme, but he was released on a technicality since Indonesia does not have a comparable law. One article says “… each new investor recruits others in an ‘endless chain’. Little actual retail selling occurs. Each ‘distributor’ is also the ‘customer’…”

Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bismark aka Joseph Bismark aka Japa Das

bowler bismark

Patrick Bowler, convicted drug smuggler, follows Bismark on twitter.

I have posted before about cult member, Joseph Bismark, because he suspiciously purchased a Lanikai ocean-front home for Chris Butler’s use. And, I identified Bismark in the Visual Linking of the Usual Suspects

Chris Butler lives like a drug lord in his Lanikai homes, so it was no surprise when I learned that big-time drug smuggler, Patrick Bowler, is a devotee of Jagad Guru, Chris Butler. My research into Butler’s involvement in drug money and Ti-Leaf Productions led me to New Zealand reporter – Herald on Sunday — New Zealand Herald).

Hurley’s articles and the subsequent follow up by Hawaii Free Press have heightened the awareness of the Cult Education Institute and my own humble blog. I’ve actually been researching Joseph Bismark, owner of one of Butler’s Lanikai homes, for a long time now and it seems an opportune moment to let the press and investigators tag along for the ride. You see, it was Butler’s apparent acceptance of Bismark’s arrest that made me wonder if Chris Butler “was in on it”. That, in turn, lead me to Patrick Bowler’s drug trafficking conviction, Allan Tibby’s land development in New Zealand, etc., etc. We are talking about millions of dollars in suspicious transactions. Does that sound like spiritual people or a criminal conspiracy?

Joseph Bismark, who runs the QI Group of Companies, based in Singapore, was apparently raised in the Philippines within the Science of Identity cult and sent to the cult “school” in Baguio City at the tender age of nine. At seventeen, he was initiated by his guru, Chris Butler, and given the name Japa das. Bismark had no money all the way through to the 1990’s, but was somehow able to purchase a multimillion dollar home for his guru as well as purchasing the Down to Earth chain of health food stores. What is the source of this new wealth and what are the details of the transactions?

Not a big shot back then
Not a big shot back then
Q-Net partner Vijay
Q-Net partner Vijay

Joseph Bismark, at the tender age of nine, left the luxuries of a comfortable home and good food for the life of a monk in an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. His life journey began thus, and he spent time in the ashram till he was seventeen.”

A YouTube video with Joseph Bismark speaking of his Hare Krisha spiritual master.

attends The Science of Identity University

Joseph Bismark
Works at Quest International
Attends The Science of Identity University
Lives in Singapore

Like many cult members, Bismark is poorly educated same as his cult leader, Chris Butler. To call the cult school in the Philippines a University is plainly ridiculous. The school that Bismark is so proud of is run by Toby Tamayo, another Ti-Leaf Productions co-conspirator and the uncle of Tulsi Gabbard’s first husband.

Joseph Bismark with David Jones from Jones’ FB page

Founding Director QI September 1998

Follower of Allan Tibby

QI Group of Companies
QNet Ltd

Joseph Bismark
Meditation and Philosophy Trainer

“Joseph Bismark grew up taking lessons from his guru who came from a long line of spiritual masters. He started learning Yoga at the tender age of nine in an ashram (spiritual community) where he lived a life of austerity. At seventeen, he took spiritual initiation from his guru and was given the spiritual name Japa Das.”

What is the story behind QNET’s beginnings?
QNET was started in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark in the Philippines. They were involved with an American direct selling company that suddenly disappeared, leaving them responsible for hundreds of unfulfilled product orders. They had a strong team and so decided to start their own company…”

Shortly after Bismark purchased a home for Chris Butler in the posh neighborhood of Lanikai, he was arrested and spent three months in a Jakarta jail. A follower who has seen inside this home purchased by Bismark remarked to me that it is similar to Butler’s prior home in Malibu (the Malibu home was likely rented). The mortgagor for this Butler home is Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bismark, husband of Zhara Kamari Saatchian. He put down 2,730.000 US dollars on this property. Lloyds TSB Bank in Singapore loaned him the balance of 546,000 US Dollars on March 26, 2007. The Attorney who handled the transaction was Mark Hazlett Esq of Cades Schutte LLP Honolulu.

Wait, it gets better. Alana Leigh Azzopardi and Kainoa Ramananda Penaroza claim to have purchased a $1.5 million Kailua home in 2011 when it was in fact purchased by Joseph Bismark, who also owns Chris Butler’s residence. Tulsi must certainly know that her Chief of Staff and her office manager, Alana, cannot afford a $1.5 million home. That’s right, folks. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s key staff members live in the home of a man arrested for fraud and who has scammed thousands of people including many in India.

Rep Tulsi Gabbard’s Chief of Staff Kainoa Penaroza with his wife (fellow staff member, Alana Penaroza).

Joseph Bismark has a long association with Allan Tibby probably due to Tibby’s involvement in the cult school in the Philippines. Tibby, like Bismark, was not wealthy up through the 1990’s so where did he accumulate enough cash to purchase all that New Zealand property? Bismark and Tibby were partners in corporations with unknown purposes, thus tying Bismark to the Ti-Leaf Productions gang with their drug money.

Shangri La

shangri la


Janet Bishop, Linda and Allan Tibby, and Carol and Mike Gabbard

Mike Gabbard is involved in some of Bismark’s pyramid schemes.

Joseph Bismark works hard on his public image as do most con artists. Those that he cons now have this article to forewarn them.




“…Quest Net “Financial Freedom (if you are willing to buy this dream for 30,000 or so, you are welcome to join our gang of fools. we pool our spare money and gift it to some smart people who taught us how to dream big, these smart people are now very rich because of our money. we will keep on dreaming and hope some more fools like us will buy the dream of financial freedom and we may also get something)
200 some countries (there are lots of fools in every country willing to part from their spare monies)
Anyone can do it (only qualification needed is you should have some money and should be stupid enough to believe me and join under me and make me rich)
If you loose its your fault (you were stupid enough to put your money in our scam and bought the dream, now you can’t find other fools to join under you, if you can’t sell the dreams to fools, whose fault is this)
Believed my leaders (attended several brainwashing sessions where we were trained how to spot fools with monies, demonstrated how to sell the dreams to them, we learnt how to fake, lie and exaggerate)”

“Hey everyone, Vas Bismark just launched his first book, River’s Journey: Bloodline Chalice. Published by RYTHM house, the fantasy novel will be released in selected countries.”


Like many people who suffered through child abuse, Joseph Bismark has inflicted the same punishment on his own son. It looks like Bismark’s son does all the impressive websites for the Qi group of businesses.

Bismark does want you to know any of this and his SEO consultants have not so cleverly planted articles for keywords like scam and fraud to foil searchers. Surprisingly, there are many people who have been scammed and speak out but know nothing about his cult involvement. This article should level the playing field.

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“…Don’t trust it .all are selfish fellows in qnet .these are waste no buy this products in qnet .it is fraud and waste to see this . Don’t trust this products and others .i already got lose in this product .MUMBAI: The economic offences wing(EOW), on Saturday, made the first arrest in the QNet case. Bandra-based Manjunath Hegde(52) was arrested for cheating and was remanded into police custody till August 22.

The EOW is probing a suspected fraud committed by the firm. Two teams were sent to Bangalore and Chennai for investigations into this case.

“Hegde, who is an advertiser by profession, was arrested from his Bandra residence. We searched his house and seized computer hard disc and several incriminating documents which will be produced in the court. There are some payment/commission receipts among the documents, ” said an investigator, adding that Hegde had attended several seminars conducted by the firm in Indian and Malaysia. The police suspects Hegde to be linked to Vijay Esvaran, the prime accused in QNet case…”
“…The EOW has already issued a look out notice against Ferreira (75), QNET founder Vijay Eswaran and his three business associates after they did not turn up for questioning despite the summons served to them. The EOW has arrested nine team leaders of QNet so far for allegedly duping investors by selling products like magnetic disks, herbal products and holiday schemes through fraudulent practises. QNet has also been accused of using the banned binary pyramid business model for their multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes to entice investors. The accused were charged with cheating and forgery under relevant sections of the Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. The Malaysia-based MLM firm has denied any wrongdoing. The lookout notice is a circular issued against a person when he/she is wanted by police either for questioning or for the purpose of arrest in any case…”
Reported by Times of India
GoldQuest stands accused of operating a form of highly suspect pyramid-scheme in some of the world’s poorest countries.,109432,109432
Facebook page of Oum Israe

“The name of the company that I represent is QI. It‘s a multinational conglomerate comprising a dynamic group of businesses with regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand and the Philippines and a wide range of subsidiary companies in nearly 30 countries. QI stands for chi, which is energy in Chinease. The company was formed in 1998. The Group has six main business lines diversified into lifestyle & leisure,luxury & collectibles, training and education, property development and project management,logistics and an e-commerce based retail & direct sales business…

…It has 9.8 million customer base. It’s a 2 billion dollar company. The only reason for this growth is we are 100% online from day one…”

“…Although it may call itself a Network Marketing company, you can rest assured, QNET’s modus operandi is far from legal or for that matter ethical. QNET, its founders and its…”

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